Becoming a Volunteer

There are many different things you can do as a volunteer for the MMCR. We have volunteers of all types, and can accommodate different physical abilities or skill levels. We provide training so that everyone is knowledgeable about their role. Whether you know how to knit, sew, clean, organize, garden, or build, there is always something for you to do to help out our kitties!

How do I become a volunteer?

Can my kids volunteer too?

  • We do allow children between the ages of 8 and 15 to volunteer with a parent or guardian present. 16-17 year-olds can volunteer with parental permission.
  • Everyone under 18 must have a Youth Volunteer Form filled out before volunteering.

When are your Volunteer Orientations?

  • We offer volunteer orientations twice a week to accommodate varying schedules. Orientations are 11:30 a.m. every Saturday and 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday at our main foster house located in Dimondale.

What if I can't volunteer at one of the main foster homes?

  • You can assist us with our newsletter mailings, putting together information packets, writing content for our website, social media sites and our blog, make crafty items for our kitties, represent us at tabling events, and much, much more!

What if I'm interested volunteering at adoption events?

  • We would love to have you do so, of course! To volunteer at one of our adoption events, you should attend at least one of our three adoption-specific training sessions to make sure that you are familiar with our paperwork, etiquette, and procedures.
  • Then we suggest shadowing some of our regular adoption volunteers at an event to get a feel for how things work.
  • Next, you should take the two remaining training sessions to ensure you fully understand everything about the adoption process.
  • This sounds like a lot, but our adoption events are a critical component of our organization, as they are what help us find forever homes for our wonderful cats and kittens!

What trainings do you provide for new volunteers?

  • We have five specific training sessions for our new volunteers:
    • Adoption Event Roles & Etiquette - This training will help you see how we all work together as a team to complete an adoption from start to finish. We also go over all of the roles and procedures for volunteers at adoption events.
    • Cat Handling - The session discuss proper handling of cats, proper ways to give cats medicine, how to clean ears and trim nails, how to manager interactions with cats, and how to understand common cat behaviors.
    • Cat House Cleaning - This training goes over all cleaning guidelines, procedures and policies to help make sure we have the best environment for our foster cats.
    • Cat Personality and Adoption Matching Training - Topics covered include: How to assess different personality types, matching personality types to adopters, and how to use our half sheets when speaking with adopters.
    • PetSmart Event & Adoption Packet Procedure - This session includes: what to expect at a PetSmart adoption event, and full instruction on procedures for completing the adoption packet paperwork.
    • We suggest that anyone who wants to work with our cats and kittens on a regular basis attend the Cat Handling training as it is very helpful and important. It is a very detailed training on how to make sure that all of your interactions with MMCR's cats are positive for you and them!
  • We have these trainings every other month, and will send out an e-mail with information on how you can sign up!

Do you have a need for any special skills?

  • If you have a talent, we can use it! There are skills you have that you may not even know can help us; things like professional services like marketing or advertising, sewing, knitting, gardening, crafting, maintenance, etc. Anything you can do, we will put to use to help our wonderful cats and kittens!

How do I become a foster parent?

  • To be a foster parent with MMCR, you must be an active volunteer for at least three months.
  • We will have a local MMCR volunteer in your area do a home check to go over how to set up a room for your foster cat, as well as go over our foster care information with you . We will provide all of the equipment for you, as well as food and litter.
  • All you need is a big heart and a lap for the kitty to cuddle on! Fostering a cat takes just 20 minutes of your time a day, to help socialize them and teach them to bond with humans.
  • It's a very rewarding experience and all of our foster parents say that it is one of the best things that they do!

Volunteer Applications

Click your age range for more information.

Potential Volunteers 18+ years old

  • If you are over 18 all you need do is fill out and return our volunteer application form.
  • Download a Volunteer Application:

Potential Volunteers 16 & 17 years old

  • If you are 16 or 17 years old, you can volunteer with parental permission. Fill out and return our Youth Volunteer Release. Upon receiving, we will schedule a Volunteer Orientation that one parent must attend with you. After that, you can volunteer on your own!
  • Download a Parental Release Form:
  • Download a Volunteer Application:

Potential Volunteers 8 to 15 years old

  • If you are 8 to 15 you may be able to come and volunteer, but a parent or guardian must be present. Both the Volunteer Application and Youth Volunteer Release need to be filled out and sent to MMCR.
  • Download a Parental Release Form:
  • Download a Volunteer Application:

You can fill out your form online and email it to:

Or you can print out your form and mail it to:

*Please email for a mailing address

Tip: Please keep a copy of your application!


MMCR will make every reasonable effort to accomodate disabilities, so long as you're willing to work with us! Please note, however, that a certain minimum level of physical ability is necessary to perform the basic tasks required for an animal rescue to function. For example, volunteers who assist in cleaning are regularly asked to lift 20lb. bags of cat litter, bend to clean litter boxes, or climb steps while holding large objects. If these tasks would be too strenuous to perform, there is always help needed in office or online work!