The MMCR Difference

MMCR offers a wealth of programs and opportunities that make it unique in the world of animal rescues. Below you will find brief descriptions of just some of the unique programs and outreach that makes MMCR special.

Know Me Better

Developed over thousands of successful adoptions, Know Me Better is a system for determining cat personality and behavior, to better match cats and potential adopters. Read more about the Know Me Better program on our blog.

My Time Saves Lives

MMCR has initiated an engagement program to maximize volunteer involvement, where the organization has calculated the average amount of volunteer time that goes into saving each cat's life. Volunteers can then be rewarded by knowing precisely how many lives they personally have saved through their effort.

"Sarah's Cats"

Cats suffering from certain untreatable medical or behavioral conditions, or cats that are not considered "adoptable" are not euthanized as they would be at other facilities, but live healthy and happy lives as Sarah's Cats. Our director personally cares for these special cats, including administration of medical care and lots of extra love.

FIV/FeLV and Special Needs

Our policy of non-euthanasia extends to cats with untreatable medical conditions such as FIV and Feline Leukemia (FeLV), or to cats with special needs such as motor control issues, missing limbs, and other non-life-threatening conditions. We regularly rehabilitate and adopt out healthy and happy cats that live full lives, regardless of any physical handicaps or other medical conditions.

Feral Cat Programs

MMCR extends its non-euthanasia policies to feral cats. Through programs such as Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR), MMCR strongly advocates alteration of all cats in order to reduce feral cat populations. MMCR operates a feral colony, where cats that cannot be socialized enough to be adopted are allowed to live and play in a natural environment while their health and safety is monitored. Read more about TNR here, and MMCR's feral cat colony here.