Owner Relinquish Program

If you ever find yourself in a position where you are unable to care for your cat, you can contact MMCR to discuss our Owner Relinquish program. Cats adopted into the MMCR family through Owner Relinquish are treated like any other cat, and benefit from our lifetime commitment to our cats and non-euthanasia policies.

Please note that MMCR's Owner Relinquish program is not for emergencies. If you have a pet emergency, please contact your local veterinarian or animal control.

For more information on Owner Relinquishes, email: relinquish@midmichigancatrescue.org

There’s a stray around my neighborhood and they seem friendly. What can I do to help them?

  • Because we are such a well-known organization, we receive numerous requests every day about taking in new cats.
  • We also have very limited space and abilities as we are a volunteer-based charity that makes a lifetime commitment to each and every cat we take in.
  • We usually operate at maximum capacity and most cats must go on a waiting list before we can accept them into our program.
  • Please read our Adoptable Cat Packet .

There’s a large group of strays in my neighborhood, and I don’t think they’re friendly. What can I do to help them?

  • MMCR is an organization that practices “Trap/Neuter/Release” (or TNR) as a more effective and humane alternative to euthanization for managing and reducing feral cat populations.
  • Please read our Feral Cat Packet for more information on TNR and other programs that are available to help you.

I cannot keep my cat(s) for [reason], can I relinquish them to your organization?

  • At MMCR, we provide advice and education to people who are having trouble with their cat.
  • Many cats that have developed recent behavioral issues such as scratching, spraying, biting, etc. are stressed out and do not have anything “wrong” with them, they just need some intervention from you, and some positive changes in their environment to help bring them back to their loveable old selves again.
  • They may also have an untreated medical condition and need a trip to the vet to figure out what the issue is.
  • We prefer to work with families to help them keep their cat in their home, as we like to see kitties stay with their homes forever!
  • But if you truly feel that you can no longer keep your cat, please email us at relinquish@midmichigancatrescue.org

Can I relinquish my cat that has a medical or behavioral issue?

  • For cats with medical issues, we require a recent vet exam so that we have as much information about the cat as possible.
  • It may also give you some insight as to what might be wrong with their behavior and provide an opportunity for you to treat your cat and get them back to their old self!

Can I relinquish my senior cat (7 years and older)?

  • For senior cats, we require a recent vet exam and dental check up so that we have as much information about the cat as possible.

Relinquishing an adoptable cat

Download the Adoptable Cat Packet

Relinquishing a feral cat

Download the Feral Cat Packet