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Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization funded solely by your donations. Donations (verified by MMCR return receipt) are also eligible for tax deductions on your federal tax return.

One Time Donation via PayPal

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Recurring Donation via PayPal

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Garage Sales and Silent Auctions

Check us out on social media to see when we're planning a garage sale or silent auction. MMCR will ask for donations prior to the event, which could be anything! We've seen cat-themed paintings, a miniature billiards set, and even expensive designer pet dishes! Just make sure your item is clean and presentable.

Donate Your Time

If you want to volunteer but can't regularly make it to our main foster homes, we have options to suit your needs! Sign up for a volunteer training today, and learn about opportunities to volunteer from home, including assisting us with office work.

Ink Cartridge Recycling

Printer out of ink? Donate your used ink cartridges to MMCR! The proceeds from the recycling of these items goes toward assisting our cats. Drop off your used ink cartridges at any of our adoption events. College students can help us too- remember to bring your ink cartridges home!

Claim Your Donation on Your Tax Return

Donations are eligible for tax deduction your federal tax return, and they will be verified by MMCR return receipt. Although we make every effort to offer a tax receipt for every donation, please do not hesitate to ask for a receipt if you will need to claim your donation on your return.