Other Opportunities

Vet Students

Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue is always working with local veterinary programs to assist veterinary students, whether it's gaining volunteer hours or class credit. Here are some of our current partnerships which can benefit vet students:

MSU Student Association of Shelter Vets

"Shelter Medicine Club is not just for those students looking to pursue a career in shelter medicine - our club offers something for everyone: behavior, epidemiology, fundraising, community outreach, parasitology, law, restraint, vaccinations, breed-specific legislation, and emergency medicine are just some of the topics covered."

Visit the club's website at: https://sites.google.com/site/msusheltermed/


Calling all Crafters!

MMCR always needs help with all sorts of fun craft projects! You can work on many of these projects from home, in your spare time. Not only do you get to practice your craft skills, but you'll help the kitties too!

Many of the items that our kitties use every day including cat tree pads, kitten hammocks, cage covers, bowl liners, scratching posts, cat toys, and knitted blankets are all made by our dedicated volunteers. If you have any artistic or crafting talents and would like to help keep our kitties living in style please contact volunteer@midmichigancatrescue.org. We have several ongoing, high priority projects and always need new volunteers.

Cat Litter Bag Recycling

What do we do when we empty a bag of litter? We turn it into a designer bag! Donate your (clean) used litter bags, and we'll turn them into bags that we sell to raise money for the cats. If you have a sewing machine that can handle the tough material of litter bags, we can provide you a pattern to make bags at home.


Our cats are always clawing their way through their toys, so we constantly need new things for the kitties to play with. We always welcome new toys, with a few restrictions. For example, please avoid using cotton batting in a toy with a soft exterior- if the cat rips the toy open, we'll have batting all over the floors! Use your own good judgement, and feel free to ask us or show us some examples if you have any questions.