Volunteer Involvement

Whether you're just signing up, or a long-time volunteer, you're always a part of the family!

Fostering Kitties

To be a foster parent with MMCR, you must be an active volunteer for at least three months. We will have a local MMCR volunteer in your area do a home check to go over how to set up a room for your foster cat, as well as go over our foster care information with you. We will provide all of the equipment for you, as well as food and litter.

It's a very rewarding experience and all of our foster parents say that it is one of the best things that they do!

Getting Back in the Game

2013 is MMCR's 10th anniversary, and there's never been a better time to be a part of MMCR.

For the first time, MMCR is holding regular group meetings among the senior volunteers to coordinate on major goals, and to give voice to our common concerns. Every member of MMCR is more connected than ever, and we're prepared to grow while maintaining our family feel.

MMCR needs the talents, hard work, and vision of a wealth of people to accomplish its goals.