Adoption First Steps

Our adoption process is super fast and easy. Download our Adoption Application and bring it to an adoption event.

Adoption First Steps

  1. Complete the Adoption Application (see below).
  2. Talk to a volunteer for the best match for you.
  3. Complete an Adoption Contract at a MMCR adoption event!
Download your application today!

Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

How does your adoption process work?

  • Potentials adopters should start by filling out our quick and simple Adoption Application (see above), which you can e-mail or mail to us. Here you give us some insight into your home life and what kind of cat you're looking for.
  • Next, a MMCR volunteer will use our unique "Know Me Better" matching system and will contact you to give you some suggestions based on the information you provided. You can then schedule a time to come to one of our events to meet a specifically-suggested cat.
  • If you are already at an event, you can fill out our super-easy, three-minute "Adoption Matching Questionnaire", and we can show you which cats at the event are right for you and your family!

How much is the fee? What is included in this fee?

  • Our adoption fee for kittens and adult cats - $100
  • For senior cats (7 years and older) - $50
  • We offer adoptions to senior citizens (65 years and older) - $50
  • Same day, same family adoption - the second cat is only $50.
  • Every adoption comes with a free tag, collar, medical information, and useful tips about your new family member.
  • Please note that all of our cats come already spayed or neutered, are up-to-date on shots (for their age), have been tested for FIV/FeLV, and have had a recent vet exam.

Can I meet the cats to determine which one(s) I want?

  • Our facilities are not open to public adoptions, so if you are interested in adoptiong one of our cats, we suggest that you fill out an adoption application, letting us know what kind of cat you are looking for.
  • As stated above, we will then contact you to let you know which one of our kitties we think might be right for your family, and you can schedule a meeting for one of our adoption events.
  • Please note that due to all of our cats living in different foster homes, we do need at least 72 hours' notice for all potential meetings.

When/where are your adoption events? Do I have to bring anything with me?

  • Our PetSmart adoption events are every Wednesday evening from 6-7:30PM and every Saturday (except the second Saturday) afternoon from 1-3PM at the PetSmart located at 305 N Marketplace Boulevard in Delta Township by the I-96/69 interchange.
  • Every second Saturday of the month, we are at the Petco located at 510 Frandor Avenue in Lansing in the Frandor Shopping Center from 1-3PM. We also attend several state-wide adoption events such as "Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo" in Detroit and "Petapalooza" in Auburn Hills.
  • Check our calendar to see when we'll be holding an event!
  • You do not have to bring anything with you to the event, and if you need to purchase supplies for your new family member, PetSmart provides coupons to all adopters!

What is your "Know Me Better" program?

  • "Know Me Better" is a personality matching system we use at the Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue that is unique to our organization.
  • This system is used to pair each potential adopter with the best possible cat. We create a personality profile for each of our cats based on their specific physical, mental and emotional characteristics.
  • After 10 years and over 4,000 adoptions, we feel confident in saying that our "Know Me Better" personality program works.
  • Check out our blog post for more information

What if I have questions after the adoption? What if the newly adopted cat doesn't get along with my current pet(s)?

  • You can always ask us questions whenever you need to, no matter how long ago you adopted a cat from us! You can contact us via e-mail, phone, or one of our social networking sites.
  • We always want to make sure our kitties are taken care of for the rest of their lives. We provide a lot of important information during the adoption application process, such as integrating your new pet into your home and with your current animals, so make sure to keep this information handy!
  • We will always work with you to ensure a positive transition for your new family member.

What if something happens to me and I cannot care for the cat?

  • We will always take our cats back, regardless of the reason. Our cats will always have a home with us for the rest of their lives, as they are part of the MMCR family, so we will take the cat back if an emergency situation arises.